Will Hillary Clinton Win In Texas?

One of the clearest indications of the weakness of Donald Trump’s candidacy is how far he has lagged behind past Republican nominees in red states. There is Arizona, where Hillary Clinton is currently making a real play, as well as Utah — where Mormons have reacted with revulsion to his campaign. Perhaps most striking is […]

Trump praises Putin

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed Wednesday over national security issues that exposed deep divides about how to manage the military and conduct foreign policy in an increasingly complex world. The forum offered a preview of how the two candidates will present themselves to the country when they appear on stage September 26 at the […]

Hillary Clinton has a big stockpile of money for fight with Donald Trump

As she closed in on the Democratic presidential nomination last month, Hillary Clinton trimmed her spending sharply, allowing her to stockpile a staggering $42 million in cash reserves for her showdown with Republican Donald Trump. Clinton spent $14 million in May, campaign-finance reports filed Monday show. That’s down sharply from the nearly $24 million she […]

Kerry’s Mea Culpa

Yesterday on Meet The Press, Senator John Kerry admitted that his vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq was “a mistake” and took full responsibility for his vote. He went on to call the vote his only regret in his years in the Senate. That Senator Kerry would say this is unremarkable, considering […]

Rumsfeld and the Generals

Our campaign spends a lot of time discussing the failures of the Bush administration in bringing us into the Iraq war and Senator Clinton for her continued support of the Iraq war, but we should also take time to note how poorly executed the war has been. It’s remarkable to me that three years after […]

The Neocons And Senator Clinton

The big news yesterday was about Scooter Libby having implicated George W. Bush in the Valerie Plame leak trial… but at the Tasini For New York headquarters, someone passed along another story that took up most of our attention. We’ve been out in the streets, all over the blogs and the web, and working the […]