Amazon Vine for Buyers – How to Become a Vine Voice

Reviews and ratings are hard to get. Even on a marketplace like Amazon. The bitter truth is buyers are somehow, maybe, responsible for that. A common observation is that people are a bit lazy or don’t understand the importance of it. Amazon, the marketplace mastermind, thought about it and launched a program, AMAZON VINE. Vine initiative in an invitation-only program by Amazon. It’s to inspire and attract buyers to share their honest reviews of Amazon products, and help improve the buying experience for customers.



It’s an invitation-only program from Amazon, basically to get reviews about products from authentic reviewers. Those reviewers are called Vine Voices. Amazon invites the most insightful reviewers to be one of the Vine voices. Vine Voices have the opportunity to order items free of charge (or at a discounted price) and share their product experiences with Amazon customers.

In the review section, they share their honest opinion about the products they use.

Their reviews appear with the VINE VOICE tag. 

Vine Voices are often ranked by Amazon. Top-rank reviewers appear with Hall of Frame Top Reviewers tag.


Amazon chooses Vine Voices by invitation. Amazon determines Voices with several criteria. Most important is the feedback from other customers about their reviews. How many reviews they have written and how recently they have reviewed are determining factors. Amazon’s algorithm matches those reviews to products based on the category of prior purchases.

So, first of all, you must be among the regular Amazon shoppers. And obviously, you share your thoughts about product experiences you purchased from Amazon.

Your reviews have to be accurate and honest. Amazon always notices if you’re writing honest reviews regularly without being biased. Also if your reviews are getting feedback from other customers and helping them purchase. Then Amazon may decide to invite you to become a Vine Voice. Remember that, Vine is an invitation-only program, without any invitation from Amazon you can’t be a part of Amazon Vine. All you can do is help your fellow buyers help with your thought on products you’re buying from Amazon.


Vine’s aim is to help Amazon shoppers with insightful reviews to help with their buying decision. 

We dig into the reviews when we’re determined to buy something from Amazon. Reviews are one of the most important influencing factors for buyers to make buying decisions.

It’s because we want to know the experience of buyers who already used that item. Also, when a consumer like us is telling about an item it’s more trustworthy. But that trust is a little fragile. Any buyers can give a review about items they used. Sellers or vendors can influence it. But when reviews appear with the Vine Review tag, you can be assured about the honesty of the review. 

It’s a well-implied initiative from Amazon to become a more customer-friendly marketplace. Also, Vine Voices have the unique opportunity to use products free of cost. If you become a Vine Voice, you can order items that are available for Vine Voices to review.

So as a seller, establish the habit of writing reviews. It will help others with their buying decision. Hence, increase the possibility of becoming a vine voice. Don’t forget that, you also look for reviews before purchasing any item.


Reviewing practices can help reduce buyers’ stress during shopping. In support of that, Amazon launched VINE. They want to be more customer friendly and help with purchase decisions. It’s a wine-wine for both sellers and buyers.

That’s everything for today. I hope that one day you will be one of the Vine Voices. If you have any queries about anything feel free to comment below. For regular reading subscribe to our Ecomclips newsletter.

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