How to Actually Win Money at a Casino

Image by Heo2035

Image by Heo2035

The casino… a favorite college pass time. Before heading off to Vegas, Foxwoods, a Native American reservation, international waters, or Canada here are some tips that will ensure you have at least a half-chance of doubling your money:

Play Little

The basics behind every casino are statistics. The more you play, the more your chances of losing money. Casinos will not mind if you win some of their money because on average they will win

Play Smart

Play only games that have high odds. Some games will rape you over in unfair odds. Here is a basic guide:

Blackjack: Every time you play Blackjack you have almost a 50% chance of winning. In Blackjack, you try to add up your card values so they are close to 21, but do not go over. Aces can be worth either 1 or 11 and face cards are worth ten. You play against the dealer and not other players. The way the casino wins is if they tie your score or if you bust (you get more than 21).

Roulette: Roulette gives you a 47.3% chance of doubling your money if you bet on reds, blacks, evens, or odds. It is a much more exciting game than that, however. You place bets on any one number (1 in 36 chance of winning); and two, three, or four touching numbers; any column of numbers; and more. There are so many types of bets in roulette that it will be sure to keep your interest up. A ball will land on a random number and if you chose that number or if it is red/black, odd/even, whatever you bet on…you win!

Poker: Any poker game in a casino where you play against other players and not the dealer is generally a good idea. The casino takes in a specific amount of money from every winning hand called a rake and in return, you do not have to play against their odds. No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is my personal favorite, but there are dozens of different types of poker games available so find a table and just ask how to play if you are unsure.


1. If you are unsure about something, ask the dealer. They are generally very nice people.

2. Tip your dealer. If you tip your dealer they will be more willing to help you. Plus, it is just common courtesy. (Note: Do not expect the dealer to go easy on you or cheat for you. That stuff may only fly in Chinatown)

3. If you go to a big casino hotel ask for a comp card and use it at every game. What it does is track your wins/losses so just in case you lose a lot or even if you just play a lot, you will probably get a lot of free gifts from the casino.

4. Talk to your fellow gamblers and have a good time.

5. Do not drink too much. It will impede your judgment and you will end the night buying Patron tequila shots for the entire table and out a few thousand dollars.

6. Have fun!

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