Playing Bloodwash on the Xbox One might be a lot of fun


The serial killer called Womb Ripper comes to the city in order to tell you your choices.

The fact that Bloodwash was a hit for YouTube and it was broadcast by some of the biggest gaming companies had positive reviews on Steam, and now on the console. By moving our platform today onto the Xbox platform, you’re going to be surprised and terrified in a manner that you will just get lost on the trip to the scariest laundromat in the city.

In the classic gruesome murder mystery horror movie that has appeared in Giallo, Bloodwash sees you taking control of Sara, who is dead at the moment. Living with her alcoholic boyfriend in the dingy apartment complex, and struggling with the toil of being a college student, Sara sure couldn’t imagine anything going further downhill. Yes, it is in all right that she is stalked by the killer of the wark whose mission is to hunt pregnant women, but probably the most disturbing name in serial killer history. And thats even though the likes of Acid Bath’s kocking about.

Despite the incredibly low-poly visuals and frankly laughable textures of the NPCs you encounter, this first-person survival horror is not really frightening. It’s always very painful when I take the bus from the 24 hour laundromat within the city. Since the night has become so beautiful, it’s very sad, and even tense.

Other features of Bloodwash, which are shown on Steam, include:

  • Crusty graphics of PS1.
  • One may have a movie resuscitation.
  • This is a Giallo-inspired plan.
  • First person, so anything sneaks onto you.
  • She thumped on gore.
  • Play in mode normal or VHS for more grime.

If you are in favor of fear, fear and fear, then Bloodwash is the one for you. If you are playing on Xbox One or in a series of movies or games, get a copy from the Xbox Store for a play and will return to 8.39. If you prefer, we have Bloodwash on PC.

Game Description:

WOMB – REACH STRIKES ONLY!! BLOODWASH is a giallo-inspired laundry horror game with low-poly graphics. Sara is a college student living in a run-down apartment complex with her alcoholic boyfriend. To make matters worse, the murderer, who is targeting pregnant women, is terrorizing the city. A washing machine in the basement broken down one night. A helpful neighbor tells Sara about a 24-hour laundromat on the fringes of town. What she finds there may help her survive.


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